Rancho 5000X shock absorbers and Coil Springs are made here in Australia for Australian conditions

RS5000™X shocks and struts

Developed by our Engineers in Adelaide, and manufactured by Monroe Australia, the Australian Made Rancho RS5000X series of shocks and struts offer a robust twin-tube construction and application specific tuning

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Rancho 4×4 Lift Kits

Rancho Suspension Lift Kits Engineered right here in Australia to provide improved ground clearance for better towing and load carrying performance without a harsh ride Rancho® Suspension Lift Kits Made

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Rancho Springs

Rancho Springs All Rancho Springs are designed and manufactured in Australia using a quality shot peening process to maximise spring durability. They also feature premium high strength silicon chrome alloy

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RS5000™ Steering Stabilizers

Ideal for off-road driving, towing and street applications, a Rancho® RS5000® steering stabiliser enhances a vehicle’s performance. Designed for vehicles with oversized tires and wheels, a RS5000 steering stabilizer minimizes

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RS7MT shocks and struts

Application tuned for precision on-road and off-road handling, Rancho® RS7MT® monotube shocks are highly effective in the dissipation of heat, making them ideal for extreme off-road use and larger wheel

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RS9000™XL shocks and struts

Recognized as the first nine-position manually adjustable ride control series in the off-road market, Rancho® RS9000®XL shocks deliver unprecedented control and performance. Ideal for on- and off-road use, towing and

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