Rancho Performance Suspension & Struts

Established in 1955 catering to enthusiast owners of ex-military Jeeps in the USA, Rancho is one of the world’s oldest and most trusted 4x4 Suspension brands.

Established by Clarence Shook as Rancho Jeep Supply in Long Beach, California, Rancho began as a supplier of a wide range of products specific to Jeeps way back in 1955 when the offroading movement began. Through the 1960s the company expanded its range to include 4x4s from Ford, GM and International. 

Today Rancho’s core business under the ownership of Tenneco (the world’s largest manufacturers of shock absorbers) is an extensive range of Performance Suspension & Shocks for the global 4×4 market. 

With over 65 years of expertise with 4x4s and with over 100 years of shock absorber manufacturing excellence you can trust Rancho to get the most out of your 4×4.

Read on to learn more about Rancho’s history.




Rancho launches the RS7MT™ monotube shock absorber product line as a successor to the RS7000MT™



Production of RS5000X shocks and coil springs for these applications commences in Adelaide and Sydney.

The Engineering team at Tenneco Australia and New Zealand are appointed as development responsible for global light truck and SUV applications outside of North America.



The RS5000 product line is upgraded to RS5000X™ which includes gas pressurisation and cross-tuned valving technology

Rancho launches the RS7000MT™ monotube shock absorber product line,



Rancho launches the QuickLift™ Loaded pre-assembled shock and coil spring assembly product line

The RS9000X™ is upgraded to the RS9000XL™ product line featuring gas pressurisation and an oversize body.



Rancho launches its Rock Gear™ line of off road protection products for a wide variety of Jeep models.

Rancho launches the RS9000X™ 9 speed adjustable shock absorber, replacing the RS9000™



Rancho introduces the world’s first 5 speed adjustable shock absorber, the RS9000™.

Rancho is purchased by Tenneco, the worlds largest manufacturer of shock absorbers.



Rancho launches what will become its best selling shock absorber, the RS5000.

Clarence passes away, leaving the Rancho legacy to Gene and Keith.

Clarence nearly passes away and decides to hand the reins fo the company to his sons, Gene and Keith.



General Motors purchases Clarence’s ‘Trailblazer’ vehicle design – a first of its kind off road vehicle with independent suspension & disc brakes. It is later introduced as the Chevy Blazer.

Rancho expands its product line up to include suspension for International Harvester Scout, Ford F-100 and Bronco.

Clarence designs a V6 conversion kit for Jeeps.



Clarence starts a second off-road organisation, the Jeeping Jeepers.

Clarence and Basil Smith design a range of roll bars and seat belts to make Jeeps safer

Clarence invents the Rancho Overdrive as an option for Jeep owners to increase overall vehicle speed. The earliest racers take to Truth or Consequences in New Mexico, the precursor to the Baja race series.

Clarence invents V8 conversion kits for Jeeps with accompanying high performance brake, wheel and tyre packages.



Clarence Shook opens the family owned business Rancho Jeep Supply in Long Beach, California.

Clarence starts the first off-road organisation, the Chuckwalla Jeep Club.

Rancho 5000X shock absorbers and coil springs are made here in Australia for Australian conditions

Rancho RS5000X

All Rancho RS5000X Shock Absorbers are made here in Australia for Australian conditions. Developed by our Engineers in Adelaide, Australia, the RS5000X offers a robust twin-tube construction and application specific tuning for improved load carrying and towing performance without a harsh ride.

Rancho 4x4 Lift Kits

Engineered right here in Australia to provide improved ground clearance and improved towing and load carrying performance without a harsh ride.

Rancho Springs

All Rancho Springs are designed and manufactured in Australia using a quality shot peening process to maximise spring durability. They also feature premium high strength silicon chrome alloy steel for enhanced performance and longer life.

Rancho shock absorbers made in the US and EU for Australian conditions

Rancho RS5000
Steering Stabiliser

Ideal for off-road driving, towing and street applications, a Rancho® RS5000® steering stabiliser enhances a vehicle’s performance.

Rancho RS7MT

Upgrade your shocks with Rancho® RS7MT™ shocks and struts. Made in the EU and built for Australian conditions. From the pavement to the trail, the new Rancho® RS7™ monotube shocks are made for adventure.

Rancho RS9000XL

Upgrade your shocks with Rancho® RS9000XL™ shocks and struts. Made in America and built for Australian conditions. The Rancho® RS9000™XL 9-position adjustable series delivers nine levels of performance to on- and off-road trucks, SUVs and Jeeps.

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