Warranty Terms


Rancho shock absorbers and coil springs are covered by a 3 year / 60,000km warranty from the date of retail sale or date of fitment, whichever occurs first. Validation approval by Rancho required before spring replacement.

  • Usual wear and tear. Units which have been modified, misused, or improperly installed as well as units fitted to vehicles contrary to application information contained in the Rancho Product Catalogue
  • Consequential damage costs and injury, however caused are not covered by this warranty (written or implied). Rancho suspension products are designed for normal use and are in no way covered under warranty should the vehicle be used in any form of extreme sports or competition racing.
  • Rancho shock absorber and coil spring warranty is limited to material and manufacture defects, and in the case of coil springs, spring breakage and load height loss more than 10mm.
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