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Upgrade your shocks

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Monotube Design

Rancho® RS7000®MT monotube shocks are extremely resilient and highly effective in the dissipation of heat, making the series ideal for extreme off-road use and larger wheel and tire packages. Engineered and manufactured in North America.

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Features and Benefits

  • Application-specific deflective disc valving
    Automatically senses & responds to any suspension input
  • 1.97-in. Monotube body
    Provides improved heat dissipation
  • 46mm Bore monotube construction
    Helps to enhance stability by increasing spring rate
  • Off-Road inspired Fluon banded piston
    Provides consistent sealing between the piston & monotube
  • High pressure Nitrogen Gas charge
    Provides consistent performance & immediate response to road inputs
  • Free-Floating dividing piston
    Reduces the possibility of aeration and shock fade
  • Unique hydraulic lockout
    Cushions impact at suspension travel limits
  • 14mm Hardened Chrome rod
    Provides superior strength and durability
  • Black, natural Rubber bushings
    Provides additional ride harshness absorption
  • Brushed, Zinc-Plated Liquid Silver finish
    Premium, long-lasting show appearance
  • Protective boot
    Added protection for the shock rod and oil seal
  • Double-welded loops
    Added strength and durability